PZ List

1 RED   0560/1962   250m   2,000feet   Chicken farm

2 RED   0631/2039   250m   2,000feet   Chicken farm

3 RED   0723/2016   250m   2,000feet   Stable horses

4 RED   0278/2021   500m   2,000feet   Pig farm

5 RED   0372/2390   500m   2,000feet   Electric power station

6 Advisory   0982/2815   130m   2,000feet   Chemical plant

7 RED   0827/2682   250m   2,000feet   Breeding bull stable

8 RED   9900/1900   see map   2,000feet   Bird sanctuary

9 RED   0384/2042   250m   2,000feet   Racing horses

11 RED   0456/1460   250m   2,000feet   Horses

13 BLUE   contest area   9,000feet   Airlaw permission for event

14 RED   motorways   2,000feet   200m from motorway axis

15 RED   0695/1910   250m   2,000feet   No landowner’s permission

16 RED   0893/2100  500m   2,000feet   No landowner’s permission


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