General Briefing Notes

XXX Campionato Italiano Mongolfiera

Mondovi, 27 settembre – 01 ottobre 2017



The even director: Nicola Zicari

Deputy Director / Scoring: Eglė Zicari


Jury consists of Piergiorgio Bogliaccino (President), Maria Caroli, Carlo Panciroli


The event will run from the 27th of September, 2017 till the 1st of October, 2017.

Competition area

The contest area is defined on the Official Competition Map, except the areas declared as out of bounds (motorways).


1 RED   0560/1962   250m   2,000feet   Chicken farm

2 RED   0631/2039   250m   2,000feet   Chicken farm

3 RED   0723/2016   250m   2,000feet   Stable horses

4 RED   0278/2021   500m   2,000feet   Pig farm

5 RED   0372/2390   500m   2,000feet   Electric power station

6 Advisory   0982/2815   130m   2,000feet   Chemical plant

7 RED   0827/2682   250m   2,000feet   Breeding bull stable

8 RED   9900/1900   see map   2,000feet   Bird sanctuary

9 RED   0384/2042   250m   2,000feet   Racing horses

11 RED   0456/1460   250m   2,000feet   Horses

13 BLUE   contest area   9,000feet   Airlaw permission for event

14 RED   motorways   2,000feet   200m from motorway axis

15 RED   0695/1910   250m   2,000feet   No landowner’s permission

16 RED   0893/2100   500m   2,000feet   No landowner’s permission

Common Launch Area

The common launch area is a field 1 km west of the Competition.

Common Launch Point

0545 / 1780


No use of launchmasters and launch assignment during the Event. The competitor may ask for an assistant at the flagpole.

Sunrise and Sunset

The sunrise during the competition is at 07:25 and the sunset is at 19:15.

Marker Measuring Area

If not otherwise stated in the Task Sheet, a MMA has a radius of 50 m.

The target will always be displayed within 100 m of the given goal coordinates, the closest as possible to the coordinates. If the target is not displayed then the goal will be on the ground.

Scoring Area

The scoring areas will be track files. The boundary will be the track line. The track files (plt) will be downloadable from the ENB. The printed version of the track files will be published on the task sheet. The competitor who can’t download the track files may ask it to copy for his USB stick or he can ask the printed version of the track points list.

Briefing Room

In the Airport Mondovi. Access to all competitors, crews and officials.

Debriefing Room

In the Airport Mondovi. Only the pilots and the officials are allowed to enter this room during the debriefing.

Scoring Room

In the Airport Modovi behind the debriefing room. Only the officials are allowed to enter.

Notice Board

Official notice board is placed on the window of the Briefing Room of the Airport Mondovi.

Electronic notice board can be found online at

Recall Procedure

Any recall messages will be sent to pilot’s phone number given at check-in via WhatsApp.

After landing

After the landing, please call at 333 680 0813 (Boba).


We recommend to turn on your logger during the briefing for checking.

The pilots are responsible for handling and charging the loggers during the event.

Do not put the logger together with the charger in the bag / risk to scratch the screen.

2D/3D scoring

Will be specified for each task.


Permanently lost marker or basket banner will cost 20 EUR each to the competitor.

Lost logger will cost 600 EUR, charger – 25 EUR, logger bag or SD card – 10 EUR each to the competitor.

The markers for the following tasks will be given to the pilots once the fine for the lost goods have been paid.


The official language of the competition is Italian. All the printed material will be in English.


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